There are actually several significant differences - enough so that at least one new patent was required. The Sports Series Monocell also carries what appear to be the upper control arm mounts for the front suspension, whereas those were separate elements on the 12C/650S version of the Monocell. » 1/15/15 4:12am 1/15/15 4:12am

Quoting you: "Uber is running a taxi car service while paying none of the taxes, medallion and inspection fees, licensing, training, employee salaries, or commercial livery insurance that other taxi car services pay. Uber doesn't even buy or lease fleet cars or have safety inspections."

Those things you mention… » 10/26/14 4:22pm 10/26/14 4:22pm

Actually even XP1 didn't wear those mirrors - only the original non-functional styling model of the F1 did - internally it was known as the "Clinic Model". By the time an actual F1 prototype was built McLaren had already determined that mirrors mounted in that position would not meet the rules for SVA in the UK so… » 10/24/14 7:03pm 10/24/14 7:03pm

Hot exhaust pipes are very close to the fuel filler on the 918. Could have been vapor igniting or someone who wasn't careful and swung the hose that still had a bit of fuel in the nozzle. Anyway, given the number of cars that get gas everyday and don't catch on fire, coupled with the relative newness of the 918,… » 9/28/14 9:06pm 9/28/14 9:06pm

FYI: You didn't need a ticket for any of the things you saw until the point at which you were given one and entered the show field. Lucky you for the generosity of that individual as while you were surely enjoying all that was on the outside, certainly inside is better. :-)

Next year consider buying a ticket as all but… » 8/21/14 6:24pm 8/21/14 6:24pm