Hot exhaust pipes are very close to the fuel filler on the 918. Could have been vapor igniting or someone who wasn't careful and swung the hose that still had a bit of fuel in the nozzle. Anyway, given the number of cars that get gas everyday and don't catch on fire, coupled with the relative newness of the 918,… » 9/28/14 9:06pm Sunday 9:06pm

FYI: You didn't need a ticket for any of the things you saw until the point at which you were given one and entered the show field. Lucky you for the generosity of that individual as while you were surely enjoying all that was on the outside, certainly inside is better. :-)

Next year consider buying a ticket as all but… » 8/21/14 6:24pm 8/21/14 6:24pm

Around the time the 4200R was released Isuzu were also offering a proposal to Gordon Murray at McLaren Cars to supply the engine for the upcoming McLaren F1 road car project. Technically they were there and could have done it, but the Isuzu brand obviously was lacking the racing pedigree to be taken seriously as an… » 5/09/14 10:44pm 5/09/14 10:44pm

Should be noted that the Gooding sale of #066 for $8.47M last August in Monterey was only the highest recorded public sale. Already there were other F1s that had traded for more, including more than the price paid in this sale, through private transactions. To suggest that the market for an F1 has moved by $1.5M in… » 5/06/14 4:52pm 5/06/14 4:52pm

This part about the Diplomat's husband not being able to sell the vehicle to any old person he chooses via Ebay (cited already by HideyoshiJP) is the first point I came here to make. The car may have entered the country initially under a legal waiver provided by the DOT, but now that possession has changed unlawfully… » 4/21/14 10:26pm 4/21/14 10:26pm

No one needs this - the components are completely obsolete given the change in laws and the fact that the government chose to grandfather in the Ameritech F1s under the newer 'Show or Display' provision. The fact that these parts were created by a company here in the USA and not McLaren (without their blessing even)… » 3/21/14 5:06pm 3/21/14 5:06pm