The color on 56XPGT was officially called “Silverstone Green”, but as with a lot of cars painted in this hue of what some will refer to as British Racing Green the paint will flip from dark green to teal under different lighting. In fact in some lighting this car almost looks black.

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There are actually several significant differences - enough so that at least one new patent was required. The Sports Series Monocell also carries what appear to be the upper control arm mounts for the front suspension, whereas those were separate elements on the 12C/650S version of the Monocell. » 1/15/15 4:12am 1/15/15 4:12am

Quoting you: "Uber is running a taxi car service while paying none of the taxes, medallion and inspection fees, licensing, training, employee salaries, or commercial livery insurance that other taxi car services pay. Uber doesn't even buy or lease fleet cars or have safety inspections."

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